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Aug 3, 2020

Interview: Honored to have Anthony Carbone join me this week. Anthony is Showrunner/Executive Producer of Floor is Lava on Netflix. As well as Tough As Nails (CBS), Encore (Disney+), and more! We discuss in detail his hit new game show Floor is Lava. We also go deep into Anthony's catalog and chat about King of the Nerds, Food Revolution, Wipeout, Fear Factor, and more! 

Our Guest, Anthony Carbone:

Special shoutout to for tweeting at both Anthony and me and making the connection which led to this episode! This one's dedicated to you, Paul!

LIVE ON LOCATION: Jeff shares his first had experience with one of the world's greatest sports. (Jeff thinks it's a sport).

Social 101: With Facebook getting heated recently Jeff shares the perfect way to cool off without unfriending everyone. 

Hashtag Fun: Jeff dives into recent trends and reads some of his favorite tweets from trending hashtags. The hashtag featured in this episode is #IfLifeWereLikeAVideoGame.

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