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Jul 20, 2020

Interview: Honored to have actor, writer, and producer Larry Hankin as a guest this week. Larry has an amazing 50-year career in TV and movies. Larry talks about his beginnings as a stand-up comic and his transition to improv via 'Second City' and a 10-year run as a member of 'The Committee'. Great stories about his old friends Carl Gottlieb (writer of 'JAWS') and Howard Hessman  (Dr. Johnny Fever on 'WKRP in Cincinnati') and how Penny Marshal discovered him and gave Larry his first acting gig as Laverne's dancing partner on 'Laverne and Shirley.'

I asked Larry about 'Alf' and his role in one of my favorite movies, 'Running Scared' which led to a great story about Gregory Hines.  Larry also shares great stories about Gary Marshall, being fired on set, John Hughes, scriptwriting, and working with the late great John Huston on the set of 'Annie'. 

We also discussed Larry's most well-known roles: Mr. Heckles from 'Friends', Tom Pepper from 'Seinfeld', and Old Joe from 'Breaking Bad' and 'El Camino'. 

Our Guest, Larry Hankin:

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