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Sep 7, 2020

Interview: Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling joins me to reminisce about our time together in Detroit and his years at Michigan State University. We talk about the years leading up to his 18-year run with the Howard Stern Show. 

Didn't talk about Howard Stern? No, however Jackie promises to return and answer all my questions and all YOUR questions. Go to @JeffDwoskinShow and send me a question via my Answers RN post or tweet me with the hashtag #JeffAskJackie. We'll ask all your questions about Jackie and the Howard Stern Show. Nothing is off limits.

Our Guest, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling:

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Hashtag Fun: Jeff dives into recent trends and reads some of his favorite tweets from trending hashtags. The hashtag featured in this episode is #NewEndingsToOldJokes.

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