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Aug 30, 2021

Interview: I am joined by stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and Clubhouse superstar, Leah Lamarr. As a Clubhouse stand-out Leah has been featured in articles in Rolling Stone and Forbes and The Verge about bringing comedy to Clubhouse and helping Clubhouse become the success it has had over the past year. (After our interview Clubhouse literally made Leah Lamarr the face of their app by updating their icon with Leah's face). Leah shares the story of how she discovered the Clubhouse app and how she went on to create a space for comedy that draws 1000s of listeners weekly. Leah and I also discuss how she left NY for LA and her roots as an actor that ultimately led her to stand-up comedy. Leah is a headlining comedian who has worked with Erik Griffin and Dane Cook. Leah also shares tons of great stories and tips for aspiring actors and comedians. Leah's journey to comedic superstardom is an inspiration for anyone that has ever dared to dream. 

Our Guest, Leah Lamarr

Call-in Ricky Glore

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