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Nov 2, 2020

Interview: Actor, writer, director and producer Carl Gottlieb joins me for an amazing conversation. We discuss Carl's time with the improv team The Committee, co-writing The Jerk with Steve Martin, writing the screenplay for Jaws, stories from the set of Jaws and working with Steven Spielberg. Carl also shares some great tips for writing and writers, stories while acting and improvising in the movie M*A*S*H, celebrity matchmaking w/Dan Aykroyd and Ringo Starr, winning an Emmy writing for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour with such comedy greats as Rob Reiner, Steve Martin and Bob Einstein and of course writing the greatest movie making book of all time, 'The Jaws Log'  and much more!

Our Guest, Carl Gottlieb:

Hashtag Fun: Jeff dives into recent trends and reads some of his favorite tweets from trending hashtags. The hashtag featured in this episode is #JawsTaughtUs.

Social Media Tip: Jeff discusses a Baby Yoda surprise, the importance of engaging on Twitter and a neat new IOS app called Humbly. 

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