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Aug 31, 2020

Interview:  The legendary Bruce Vilanch joins me for this episode. One of the most sought-after jokesmiths in the entertainment industry, Bruce has become a recognizable face in his own right, thanks to the feature-length documentary “Get Bruce!” (1999) and his one-time stint as a regular on “Hollywood Squares”...

Aug 24, 2020

Interview: I am excited to have Chicago Fire's own Doctor Mabery, Dwight Turner with us for this episode. Dwight is an amazing dramatic and comedic actor and shares some great behind the scenes stories as well as some exciting upcoming projects with us. 

Our Guest, Dwight Turner:

Aug 17, 2020

Interview: This week marks the return of the overly popular 'Crossing the Streams' segment with TV watching experts Ron Lippitt and Howard Rosner. Jeff, Ron, and Howard offer up a new and amazing list of shows to stream (get it crossing the streams) from the comfort of your own couch. 

Catch the first Crossing the...

Aug 10, 2020

Interview: Craig Shoemaker is an award winning stand-up comedian, actor, author, writer and producer. If you love stand-up comedy then you love Craig Shoemaker. We discuss politics, the healing power of laughter, Twitter, awards, and the origin of The LoveMaster! 

Our Guest, Craig Shoemaker:

  • website:

Aug 3, 2020

Interview: Honored to have Anthony Carbone join me this week. Anthony is Showrunner/Executive Producer of Floor is Lava on Netflix. As well as Tough As Nails (CBS), Encore (Disney+), and more! We discuss in detail his hit new game show Floor is Lava. We also go deep into Anthony's catalog and chat about King of...